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How to Control Fear & Emotions In Trading

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How to Control Fear & Emotions In Trading

How to Control Fear & Emotions In Trading

how to control fear & emotion in forexIn Tuesdays Free Webinar, trading psychology expert,  Steve Ward, will be covering the general topic of emotions and how to control them better when trading.

Fear is a common topic amongst traders, whether it be fear of loss, fear of being wrong or fear of missing out.

However, perhaps the biggest fear of all is fear of fear. In this first podcast we will look at what fear actually is, why a fear of fear is detrimental to your performance, and how by embracing feelings of fear you can actually make better risk and trading decisions.

How to Control Fear & Emotions In Trading 1

Fear of Fear



How to Control Fear & Emotions In Trading 2

An even more specific form of fear that traders often face is the inability to pull the trigger. They have analysed everything as per their trading plan. Calculated entries, stops and targets, but then due to fear, fail to pull the trigger.

Murphy’s law says that trade will go on to win 100’s of pips thereby compounding the emotional angst of the trader. Steve gives some basic pointers in this short podcast:

Not Pulling The Trigger


Steve is hosting a free webinar on Tuesday that covers the topic of controlling emotions in much greater detail

To Register for the Free Webinar “Trading Psychology- The Key To Maximising Your Market Returns” CLICK HERE and simply follow the instructions


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