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What Is the Best Forex Trading Platform?

In order to answer your question: What is the best Forex Trading platform? Let’s take a look at a few aspects that make a good platform.   Where to Begin When considering a trading platform as a beginning trader, cost is going to be…Read more…

The Good Trading Check List

  The following article/check list was written by Madhan as his entry for the summer competition. In another article, one of you quoted that ”if you treat forex like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby. If you treat forex as a…Read more…

Earth & Sky Quickie Analysis

Earth & Sky Quickie Analysis

Good morning Forex junkies. What’s up…….what’s down? Mmmmmmm………we had two wild wild horses this week so far that broke triangles to the one side …..then pulled back and gave the M2 trades the middle finger as it broke the triangle then to the other…Read more…