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Special FOMC Trading Webinar Replay

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Special FOMC Trading Webinar Replay

Special FOMC Trading Webinar Replay

Hi Everyone!!

Sorry I didn’t do my normal outlook post last week.  With the FOMC on the docket, and the markets in absolute tatters, it didn’t make sense for me to recommend any sort of trading action in the market, while I was telling everyone at that I personally wasn’t trading and they shouldn’t be either.  I am a big fan of simply avoiding trading around big news, and that is the best advice anyone could share during those weeks.  Of course, you have heard that from me about a bazillion times, so I didn’t want to “nag” by posting that last week.  Keep in mind, there will be a full NY outlook on Thursday this week as I feel we are VERY MUCH back in business with trading!!

For today however, I did want to share a recording with everyone here.  In our program at GTM, we regularly focus on trading in various ways, and over the last several months I have asked our members to join me in attempting to use the Triple Threat system in a very specific way………..a way that I had virtually decided years ago to never attempt again…………yup…….NEWS TRADING!!!  Before you click away and say “hypocrite”, keep in mind, I am NOT talking about some HFT approach when the news drops.  I learned my lessons the hard way in that respect years ago, and I’m not changing what I think about trading that way.  But, months ago, I felt there might actually be opportunity to use the Triple Threat system in a way that attempts to catch the moves AFTER the drop, at least 15 minutes after release.  We have explored this method for months now around NFP, FOMC, US GDP and other “big news” environments.  Our results have been impressive and we have caught more winners than losers.  Before I say another word, I would like to point out that:  THIS TRADING WE HAVE DONE HAS BEEN ON DEMO ONLY!!!  We didn’t even think it would work, so none of us wanted to risk real money.  And although I am not at a point yet where I would be comfortable risking real money on this method, I think 2016 might be the point that I start.

Below, you will find the recording I made with the group around FOMC last week, and please keep in mind, the results from these trades were NOT big gains.  Our goal is to capture small moves, which is why we use 15-min charts.  There have been announcements where we caught bigger moves, but that is only a bonus, and not the objective.  I hope you enjoy the video!!!  Our group regularly pushes the boundaries of our own skills and methods to learn and grow as traders.  We have built a fun environment for traders to learn, profit and grow using some amazing tools.  If you have any questions related to the program, you can always contact me at, as we are always looking for serious traders not seeking quick, unrealistic gains, but long-term growth and a real future in this business.  ENJOY!!!

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