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Forex Currency Trading

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Forex Currency Trading

Forex Currency Trading

Forex Currency Trading

The trading of currencies is known by many names – foreign exchange, currency trading, Forex and FX.

Forex currency trading

You may be aware that Forex currency trading is less regulated than stocks, futures/commodities and other forms of financial trading. This means that it is easier to get started than with other assets, it is potentially the perfect home business and you can start trading with as little as a few $100. However 95% of new traders blow up (lose) their first account, so how to avoid that situation?

Forex Currency Trading – My Story

After selling my business back in 2001, I managed to achieve my goal of emigrating to the sunny Canary Islands with my wife and young family. I started Forex currency trading as a way of making an income. Unfortunately, like most people I did very badly at it and blew a relatively big hole in my funds – not a good start!

With persistence, after 3 years I turned the corner and now make an excellent living from trading – I only work a few hours a week and normally hit my targets by Wednesday. I started this website and a mentoring service with Dean Saunders to keep me sharp and focused and I have helped hundreds of people become profitable traders.

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If you fill in the box at the top of the page I will send you a free 7 day video training course which will show you how to start on the journey trading like a professional. Most rookies lose, you don’t have to IF you take my advice and avoid all the mistakes and blown accounts that I suffered in my first 3 years trading. I will also give you a copy of my ebook “How to Trade Forex”

I wrote the book back in 2009, it gives you a complete overview of the Forex markets, and if you want to learn more about this amazing business opportunity for yourself, 

This is absolutely the best way to get started in the markets – I wish I had this resource when I started out – and I hope you find it useful.

I would also welcome you to check out our forex Blog where you can get more free lessons and tips. 

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to the Forex Training Academy community.

Marc Walton 

Forex Currency Trading

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