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Support and Resistance Bonus Video

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Support and Resistance Bonus Video

Support and Resistance Bonus Video

Hi, Omar Eltoukhy has created an excellent video for those of you who may be struggling with support & resistance. This is key to virtually ALL forex trading systems and you MUST master this if you want to become a consistently successful forex trader.

video_icon-bonusOmar is a former student of our forex mentor group who is now a full time, home based, professional trader who now enjoys mentoring and helping others.

There are other major components that Omar covered in his previous post which you can find here: Forex Skills to Pay The Bills and all of this is explained in detail in the free video training course that you can access by completing the box to the right of this article. 

Here is Omar’s excellent video and mini introduction:

As a bonus, I have created an extra video for you highlighting my methods of finding good areas of horizontal support and resistance. Someone had asked me last week in a comment how I found my levels, so I figured I would just share with everyone. You talk…..I listen!! For those of you struggling with this, I hope the video helps clear the issue up a bit. I would of course have no idea how to do it myself if not for Dean Saunders and Marc Walton. Dean is an EXPERT at finding the important S/R areas and I highly suggest you research and study every video he has done in the forex education area on the subject. Marc taught me how to use the relevant areas in my trading and between both of them, you could not have a better resource.



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  1. ps : also watch the Macd 3 guys place there S&R , similar to yours but they go back in history and look for an area of 1000pips above /below current price then place S&R in that area , could be 2 or 3 yrs back , interesting

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