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Multi-Market Outlook, Sept. 24, 2015

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Multi-Market Outlook, Sept. 24, 2015

Multi-Market Outlook, Sept. 24, 2015

By: Omar Eltoukhy

Hey traders!  This week has been a little tougher than our usual weeks, but this is completely understandable considering where we have come from last week.  Tuesday saw some great moves, followed by a Wednesday where we saw things get into position again.  I think today should be a fitting and wonderful end to the trading week!!

Keep in mind some of the terminology has to do with the system our team uses in the program.  That said, I have tried to point out the actual areas since I know many of you reading this will not have the actual tools.  Also keep in mind that this is a VERY tough week to trade ANY market, so please use caution.  And AS ALWAYS, this information is for educational purposes only.  It is NOT a recommendation to buy, sell or trade any instrument or financial vehicle.

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Room with a viewGOLD:  I like our chances today.  We should either see a reversion to the bottom of the range like Tuesday OR a breakout of “big green” today.  In either case, there is an excellent and easy plan to follow.  As I explain at length in the video, we should be looking for a trendline break and snap-through of 1131.50 for a short.  Alternatively we should like to see a breakout above the 2015 (big green) trendline for a long.  On the long side, we might have to decide to take a primary break or a secondary, and in the video I explain how I will make that decision.

SILVER:  Silver seems to be suggesting that we are going to head lower today.  It has stayed stubbornly bearish throughout gold’s ascension yesterday, possibly indicating that it was over-dramatic.  So, according to silver, we will selloff and we should look for the breakout below 1131.50 on gold as our trade.  But, let’s see what happens.  I like silver short below 14.75, and I need to see the rally above 15.00 for me to go bullish on this.

OIL:  I have had a change of heart on the oil short after yesterdays definitive and nice rejection of the mid-term fib which came as a PFT short setup.  However, I still need to see a good reason to short, and that will take a pressure move higher into s/r and a nice snap-back down below 44.75.  For longs, I’m still game for a secondary move from the bullish DF that closes above the VERY tough area of 46.88.

INDICES:  They spent Wednesday, getting ready for us to make money today!!  FTSE looks very neutral, with a bearish slant.  For this one, I would like to see a breakout on either side of the respective mid-term fib to make a trade either long or short, although I’m hoping it’s a breakout below the 5937.5 level!!  The DAX has NOT come back to either side of the s/r areas unfortunately and will take a more constructive approach to trade today, barring some very big and volatile moves.  My plan is to find “harmony” across all index markets and then trade the dax from a smaller timeframe like the 15-min ideally.  The DOW is in near-ideal position to go short if we have a nice rejection from s/r, that closes below the trendline and 16250.


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