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How To Let Your Winners Run

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How To Let Your Winners Run

How To Let Your Winners Run

Our resident mentor Rich Friesen shows you how to let your winners run & cut your losers short. This is KEY to becoming a successful trader. Richard Friesen, a trader from the floors of the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the options floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange will tell his personal story of triumph.  Rich explains how he went from the “worst trainee in the firm” to become a consistently profitable professional trader and how this benefits you. He goes on to demonstrate  how our brain makes is hard to let our winners run and cut our profits short.

Rich FriesenRich shows how he went from being “the worst trainee trader in the firm to becoming a consistently profitable trader.

Rich started his trading career with Meryll Lynch in the early 1980’s, eventually created his own trading firm and today uses his Masters Degree in Psychology to train institutional traders how to control their brain and maximise their potential.

Here is Richards biography if you would like to know more about him: Rich Friesen

This video was originally created by Rich to attract beta testers to the new course he is developing and which will be ready early in 2014, but he has kindly posted it here so that you can still discover how to master your brain and become a consistently profitable trader.

So far his course consists of 4 modules:

  • The Exercised Mind – Learn how to build powerful Mind Muscles that serve you better.
    The Market Aware Mind – Apply profitable trading strategies to matching market
    The Self-Aware Mind – Build self-awareness for positive change
    The Money Mind – Increase the capacity for increased profits
  • Additional lessons will be added that address all the critical mind, methods and markets trading functions. It will sell for $1,995 for a lifetime membership or $199 a month.The Bias Aware Mind – Manage hard wired biases for error reduction
    The Strategic Mind – Innovate, create and build successful trading strategies
    The Business Brain – Build a business plan that supports your trading goals
    The Risk Manager Mind – Make risk management a rewarding part of trading
    The Emotional Brain – Stop managing and start profiting from you triggered responses
    The Synchronized Mind – Stop fighting your brain
    The Learning Mind – Get an advanced degree in mind development
    The Confident Mind – Create confidence with models that work
    The Market Savvy Mind – Understand markets for bigger profits

Why is it so hard to let your winners run? Cut your losses short? Watch this video to see what how the brain reacts, step by step.

If you would like to know more about the mindset and habits of successful traders check out our review & highlights of an excellent forex book “Trading in The Zone” by Mark Douglas, you can find it here: CLICK HERE

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