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Omar Eltoukhy

Omar Eltoukhy is the youngest member of the mentors here at Forex Training Omar was originally a student of mine, initially as a member of my website and later we worked on a “One to One” basis.

Omar EltoukhyOmar was probably my most diligent student who was passionate, with a burning desire and he was 100% focused on succeeding at his goal to quit his day job and become a full time forex trader, which he did.

His passion is infectious and is his positive nature.

He now coaches and mentors others. In 2012 Omar started to experiment trading gold, oil and indices such as the Dow, Bund & S & P 500. He then used his extensive knowledge to create his own trading software.

He now runs his own program coaching students how to trade these diverse markets and has built a trading system that semi automates the process. You can find out more about Omar and his system here: Gold Trade

Omar Eltoukhy

Academic Studies: BS in Business Management, University of Phoenix, Majored in Philosophy at Santa Monica College & Loyola University , Chicago.

Background & work experience: Omar was always interested in trading and investing and had a portfolio in his student days. He took that to another level when he became a Stock/Portfolio Broker/Manager and later an IRA Account Specialist. He explains that he left that industry when he realised that the clients interests always came second to the companies he worked for.

After a few years employment as a Front of House Manage for an upscale, multi million dollar Bar & Restaurant he decided to return to his first love of trading & investing but this time he wanted to be able to do so for himself and to become an independent, home based, full time forex trader. He had dabbled in forex for over a year when as he says ” I decided to take forex seriously after the financial meltdown of 2008.” By 2011 he achieved his goal with honors 🙂

In the last few years Omar has developed into a full time trader and now teaches others how to do the same. He is a regular contributor to industry publications. He runs a live trading room for purchasers of a trading system & he is a popular addition as a mentor to my  site. Founder members know that he came through the ranks and that he is an example to others what can be achieved IF you set your mind to it and give 100% effort.

Omar regularly posts examples of his analysis here on the blog, so be sure to check back often.

Author: Marc Walton