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The Trading Risk Conundrum

The Trading Risk Conundrum

When we learn about risk in trading, it tends to be packaged up neatly in the same box, with the same information, regardless of the source.  After years “behind the screens”, I am constantly revisiting what risk really means in trading.  There are many…Read more…

Review of Russ Horn’s Forex Strategy Master

Review of Russ Horn’s Forex Strategy Master

When I first began my own venture into forex trading, the entire world opened up to be an exciting, mystifying experience. With so much to learn, it seemed at times overwhelming. I found website after website offering training, products, systems, indicators, courses, you name…Read more…

Simple Forex Trend Trading Strategy Yields 100’s of Pips

This a further example of the detailed forex analysis and video that members of my forex mentor group receive BEFORE the event. This week one of the trades I was looking for on a daily forex chart was a short on the Euro/Gbp at…Read more…