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Written by Marc Walton

I recently retired as a professional trader. I now focus on teaching others to trade my funds. My team and I have coached 1000's of home based forex traders. Along with trading psychologist, Rich Friesen & a former student of mine, turned full-time trader & now a mentor: Pierre du Plessis

July 25, 2013

learn forexSo you want to learn forex? Well you came to the right place! Depending on where you are in your forex journey we have something for every trader, irrespective of which stage you are at or your budget.

For complete beginners and those struggling with complicated systems then simply register, 100% FREE of CHARGE for our extremely popular, simple forex trading course all you need to do is REGISTER HERE & you will have immediate access.



Learn Forex With Forex Mentor Pro:

Learn Forex with experienced forex mentor, Marc Walton & his 5* rated forex mentor pro service

Novice to intermediate level forex traders will then benefit greatly by moving on to our low-cost forex mentoring course. Here there are more tutorials and fx strategies AND you have daily reviews where mentors show you in advance how they intend to use those strategies to make profitable trades. Most forex “mentors” will tell you what you should have done the day before. Any idiot can analyse an old chart, even my dog can tell you what you should have done yesterday 🙂

There is also a private members only forum run by pro trader Pierre where lots of experienced members are willing to share tips and advice throughout the trading day. There is no bitching and back biting and folks who have been where you are now are often the best to help you take your trading to the next level. If you want to take your trading to the next level at a ridiculously low price then click here to try it for a full 7 days for only $1 : Forex Mentorpro.com

Learn Forex With Forex Trading Coaches

If you prefer a more “hands on” type of forex trading and would like to have a successful system and sit in with experienced traders, Steve & Wade in their trading room then check out Forex Trading Coaches. These are genuine guys, who care about their clients. One of the successful members now runs the London session followed by Steve and Wade who run the trading room for a few hours from the start of the New York session.

They send detailed analysis in advance of the session of what they are looking to trade and then sit there with you and fellow members. If you would like to see an example of their trading style and systems, then CLICK HERE

Learn Forex With Marc Walton

Most novice forex traders throw an average of a $1000 into a live account, lose the lot within 90 days and quit. Marc struggled for the first 3 years and lost well over $10.000! before finally cracking the forex code back in 2005.

Since then he has gone on to trade for wealthy individuals and even a hedge fund, working remotely from his home in the Canary Islands. Since 2009 he has taught 1000’s of people how to trade via his mentor service and also does consultations and tailor-made courses for those who are struggling. As Marc says “some folks only need a few hours and some prefer to sign up for a longer, one to one course, so I don’t have a “one size fits all course”.

If you are serious about learning how to become a successful, profitable fx trader then the best way to learn is from someone who has been there and done it. If you really want to give yourself the best opportunity to take your trading to the next level then Marc offers an initial consultation where he will analyse your current forex performance and help you create a plan to improve them.

Its then your call as to whether you want to enrol with Marc for a longer period or not. What Marc does promise is that you will learn more about forex from this consultation than months of studying on your own. If you want to cut the learning curve dramatically then get in touch with Marc here and put “Interested in one to one” in the subject line: CONTACT MARC

Learn Forex With Forex Training Academy


We are currently working on a fantastic new forex trading course that will revolutionise retail forex trading. Created by partners who have over 20 years fx trading experience and 5 years trading with hedge funds. This simplified course, with clear entry and exit signals and supported by a live trading room, run by the same experienced pro traders. We aim to make this THE best forex training course on the web. If you would like to be notified when its ready to launch then leave your details and put “Interested in Training Course” in the subject line: CLICK HERE


Learn Forex, Author: Marc Walton


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