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Category Archives: Forex Analysis Examples

In this section you will find free copies of my detailed forex analysis and videos that were previously sent to paying members of my forex mentor program. I show you how to look for trade set ups for yourself and the clues that can help you make winning forex trades

Earth & Sky Quickie Analysis

Earth & Sky Quickie Analysis

Good morning Forex junkies. What’s up…….what’s down? Mmmmmmm………we had two wild wild horses this week so far that broke triangles to the one side …..then pulled back and gave the M2 trades the middle finger as it broke the triangle then to the other…Read more…

Earth & Sky Forex Trading System

Earth & Sky Forex Trading System

Hi, fellow forex trading mentor, South African, Pierre Du Plessis has created his “Earth & Sky Trading System”, based around my own and you can see what I am looking to trade each and every week as well as my results. Check out my blog…Read more…