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Marc Walton, Forex Trader & Mentor

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Marc Walton, Forex Trader & Mentor

Marc Walton, Forex Trader & Mentor

Hi, welcome to the Forex Training Academy. My name is Marc Walton.

IMG_6763 I started to learn how to trade forex from home back in 2002/2003. Trading forex is not an easy skill to acquire and it took me almost 3 years before I could actually give myself the title of “Marc Walton forex trader.”

Since that time I have traded forex very profitably for myself, private individuals and even a hedge fund.

Free Forex eBook

In 2008 I wrote an ebook “How to Trade forex.” This detailed my journey from forex newbie to profitable fx trader & how you can follow my lead. If you would like a free copy simply fill in the box on the top right hand side of this page. You will also then have free access to a complete, simple, and profitable forex trading video course.

I have since given away over 16.700 copies of the book which helped me to decide, with Dean Saunders, to create a forex mentor program to help new traders learn how to trade forex for themselves.

Forex Mentor Program

We created a high value, low cost forex mentor program where we teach people the basic skills required to learn how to trade forex AND we give daily analysis of where we believe price will go the next day. This is so members can see what we are looking at & learn how to trade forex for themselves.

I am often spookily accurate in my predictions & we have a five star rating and 100′s of testimonials thanking us for our efforts. We now have many successful students who are happy & willing to give back to the community and offer help and advice via the forex forum, to new members.

Find out more about what we do. Our three powerful trading systems, daily analysis, telling you what we intend to trade today and WHY so that you can learn to do this for yourself.

Ask questions of pro trader Pierre du Plessis on our members only forum and attend a weekly live training session, all at an unbelievably low price. Best of all it comes with an iron clad, 30 day money back guarantee, so if its not for you, it won’t have cost you a penny!

Find out more here: Forex Mentor pro

For those who would prefer more advanced level training including weekly live sessions, working in small groups then take a look at our Professional Traders Course: Pro Traders Courses

You need to have the time and the will to complete this course. It will take ongoing work, effort, perseverance on your part to succeed after it has finished, but the rewards can be outstanding for those who make it. Full time, home based, qualified forex traders, can make six figures a year (usual disclaimer applies).
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Author: Marc Walton