Support & Resistance In Forex


Support & resistance is THE most important technique you need to acquire for trading forex. There are many forms of support & resistance as I show you in a number of videos in the 100% free forex training course in the main website. To access the forex training course simply register in the box to the right of … [Read more...]

Fibonacci In Forex

Leonardio Fibonacci

In the forex training course section (simply register to get free access) right hand side of this page, I went into great detail as to how I set up my forex charts and how I use the tool that is based upon the calculations of a 13th Century mathematician! Calculations that were expanded upon by none other than Leonardi … [Read more...]

Forex Range Trading


This is one of the easiest forex strategies to learn and it means that even if markets and price are going sideways you can still pick lots of winning trades. Many forex traders avoid trading in the summer months as there is usually a lack of a trend. To be successful as a trader you need to learn to either walk … [Read more...]

Forex Strategies

forex trading strategy

In the forexmentor program that I run we have 3 or 4 forex strategies that we teach. The most basic one is simply based around support resistance and a couple of other indicators, thats it! You can learn this simplest of forex strategies in a couple of hours and start to look for forex trades on a demo account. We … [Read more...]